Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

It's time for another summer bucket list! I seem to get worse every year at finding time to post our activities, so this year, my plan is to just post our list and add photos as activities are completed.

Our Summer Bucket List Meeting

#1 Dairy Queen

#2 Bike Ride

#3 Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art

#4 Holiday World

#5 Catch Frogs

#6 Sleep Away Came for L and E

#7 Visit Phillip's Toy Mart 

#8 Hike the Story Book Trail 

#9 Edwin Warner "Dirt Park"  

#10 Explore the Edwin Warner Nature Center  

#11 Nashville Zoo

#12 Watch Fireworks

#13 Adventure Science Center

#14 Vacation Bible School
Harpeth Heights Baptist, VBS

#15 Splash Pad

#16 Water Gun Fight

#17 Summer Celebration at Lipscomb University

#18 Picnic and Cowboy Dan Concert for Cheekwood's Family Night

#19 Sounds Game

#20 Parade

#21 Nashville Parthenon

 #22 Feed a Hungry Mob of Ducks

#23 Bowie Nature Park

#24 Brentwood Skate Center

#25 Take Swim Lessons

#26 VBS
Woodmont Hills Church
#27 Have E's Ears Pierced

#28 Movie Theater

More to come: 10+ Playgrounds. Swimming. Beach Vacation.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Bucket List #11: Family Movie Night

#11: Movie Night at Woodmont Hills Church

Summer Bucket List #10: Picnic at Cheekwood

#10: Picnic at Cheekwood

Now that we have a Cheekwood Membership, we decided to take advantage of one of their Family Nights. So we grabbed some barbecue on our way and had a little picnic dinner outside while listening to live music. It was still pretty hot, but it gave us the opportunity to check off "picnic" on our bucket list and the kids loved it.

Summer Bucket List #8 and #9: Vacation Bible School & Swim Lessons

#8: Vacation Bible School

One of the highlights of L and E's summer is attending the VBS at one of our local churches. The church always does such a great job and, because it's in the daytime, it's like a mini summer camp (that's free!). They learn new songs, play games, eat snacks, watch a video, and have a Bible lessons every day of that week.

#9: O is still a little young for VBS, so while they were at the church, I put O in swim lessons and then swam with him. It was so perfect. I dropped off the big kids at VBS, took O to swim lessons, and then played in the pool with him until it was time to pick up the big kids.

He actually had such a great time in his lessons that I signed him up for lessons the following week too! After two weeks, he's still not swimming independently yet, but he's certainly more confident in the water.