Sunday, April 28, 2013

ING Kids Rock Marathon

This year, my oldest son and I participated in the ING Kids Rock Marathon.  It's a non-timed, non-competitive running event for kids in elementary school.  The kids run a cumulative marathon (26 miles) in the weeks leading up to the race (at school and at home), and then complete the final mile on a special "race day."

L and I have been running together for weeks in preparation.  We ran the one mile path to the beach while we were in Florida over spring break, and we've been practicing in the neighborhood in the evenings.

After a run in Florida (over spring break)

My running buddy

Today was race day and we ran our final 1/2 mile for the ING Kids Marathon downtown.


We're the two in the middle wearing red

Around the final turn

Headed to the finish line!

L with his completion metal

What a great day!
We had so much fun and I think we'll do it again next year... But, I'll make sure to order a special Hound Dog Run T-shirt when they still have smaller sizes.  I was wearing a large shirt and I kind of felt like a large red flying squirrel.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One day

Here's my, "What do you do all day?" answer, in pictures.  Most mornings we (youngest kids and I) are dressed and out the door by 9am to go to the Y for a couple hours, but O had a runny nose this morning, so we stayed home (in our PJs)... but otherwise, this is a pretty typical day (if there can be a typical stay-at-home-mom day).

My day began at 6:45am when E was yelling, "Where are you L?" in the hall-way.  Our rule is that mama does not get out of bed until 7am, so I just rolled around in the bed, mad, for the first 15 minutes of the day.  I got out of bed at 7am and the day began...

Cheerios in front of PBSkids, 7:30am:

L, headed to school for a Field Trip to the Children's Theater production of "Go Dogs Go", 7:45am:

My morning coffee and Today Show, 8am:

Cut and glued Box Tops for L's school, 8:45am:

And more coffee!

Leap Frog TV Letter Sound Game, with E, 9:15am:

E knows every letter and every sound!

Play Room Disaster, 10am:

Clean Playroom, 12pm:

Mid-morning Yogurt Snack, 10:45am:

Puzzle Time, 11am:

Reorganized Art Wall, 11:45am:

Tea Party during O's very short nap, 12:30pm:

More play time, 1:45pm:

Reading Books, 2:30pm:

L, home from his school day, 3:15pm:

Boo Boo, 3:30pm:

Hanging out and chatting about our day, 4pm:

O let me rock him to sleep for an afternoon nap, 4:15pm:, 4:15pm:

Too tired for homework, 4:15pm:

Milk Delivery from my Mama, 4:45pm:

L, asleep in his room "doing homework," 5:15pm :

Dinner with E, while the boys were both napping, 5:45pm:

Not pictured activities of the day: changed diapers, wiped noses, packed L's backpack, made lunch, did laundry, changed sheets, fed kids, waited for the school bus, helped L take a shower after school, cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, made the kid's lunches for tomorrow, and laid out clothes for the morning... and probably more random items that I can't even remember right now.

After E and I ate dinner together, the boys woke up and my husband got home from work.  We finished off the day with the boys eating dinner, baths, more books/reading, some dancing, and then I put the kids to bed.  Now it's time for a shower!