Saturday, May 26, 2012

E's Three Year Old Princess Party

On May 26th, we celebrated E's 3rd Birthday with her grandparents, uncles, and a couple of cousins at home.  She wanted a pink princess theme, so we decorated with pink streamers, pink tablecloths, and lots of princess-y things. 

Some Decorations

Pink Party Room

My original intent was to make pink cupcakes, with pink icing and pink sprinkles instead of a having a Birthday cake, but I ended up running out at the last minute and purchasing a Little Mermaid cake from Kroger.  When I was at Kroger with E, choosing sprinkles, she saw a Little Mermaid cake that she decided should be her Birthday cake.  I reminded her that we were making cupcakes instead of buying a cake, but she did not understand.  The entire time we were icing our cupcakes she kept talking about her Little Mermaid Birthday cake.  She'd say, "Gran can eat this cupcake, because I'm going to eat my Little Mermaid cake."  So late on Friday night I ran out to Kroger and picked up the Little Mermaid cake-- just couldn't risk her being disappointed by not having a cake.

Our Cupcakes

THE Little Mermaid Cake
On Saturday morning, we showed E her cake and she was completely UNsurprised.  The entire time she told L about it she was all smiles.  I am so happy I returned to Kroger late Friday night to get it-- It was exactly what she expected.

E with her Little Mermaid cake!

When both grandparents, uncles, and all cousins had arrived, we ate pizza, blew out candles on her cake, and then opened presents.  Her big present this year was a Disney Princess Bike-- complete with carriage to hold her baby dolls.

Bopping O with her Wand


E and her cousin

The Kid Table-- L, E, and their cousins

A little embarrassed grin from E


Chocolate Little Mermaid Cake!

One Happy Birthday Girl!

Opening her Princess Bike

Checking out the gift that L got for her-- a Fisher Price Pony Carriage

On her New Big Girl Bike

Here she comes!
After all her family was gone, she took off her Little Mermaid dress and played some more with her gifts, and rode her bike. 

E on her New Princess Sleeping Bag

L, Trying out the Princess Bike

Watching her new movie, "Beauty and the Beast"

Watching, "Beauty and the Beast"

Little Mermaid Purse

Playing with her horse carriage

Me and my girl!

Can not believe this little girl is THREE!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Preschool Graduation

My five year old is growing up so fast!!  Where has the time gone?!  It seems like yesterday I was walking him all around the house as he screamed for hours and hours without reason.  On Sunday he graduated from his preschool.

My Little Man!

He was so excited.

Waiting to Sing
After all the graduates had come into the auditorium, the kids stood up and sang, "God of Wonders" with signs.  They were super cute and they all did a great job.  Then, they were called one-by-one to cross the stage, hug their teachers, and get a new Bible and "diploma."

That's my Little L!

Sweet L
As they were exiting the stage the director announced where each child was planning to attend Kindergarten and what they wanted to be when they grew up.  It came as no surprise that L said he wanted to be a hockey goalie.

Pop, E, and L 

Isn't he a cutie?!

L and E

Holding his new Bible

After graduation with one of his buddies

Now What?
When we were at Dollar Tree a few weeks back, L wanted to buy a graduation balloon.  When I told him we didn't know anyone graduating he said, "Me!"  So, his Grandma got him a Graduation balloon.

Getting his balloon from his Grandma

The proud little sister, with her big brother

I love these two! 

After Graduation we went out to Applebees to celebrate the end of the school year.

L and O

They are crazy!