Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hound Dog Run!

The only fundraiser at my son's Kindergarten is the Hound Dog Run.  It's a one mile fun run during school hours, and a dinner with other fund raising activities after school.

My husband worked from home on Friday so we could all be there at 11am for L's race time.  The kids filed onto the field, watched the fastest child in each class sprint, and then gathered at their class starting line for the race.

L's class entering the field: His teacher is on the right applauding all the kids. 

L, standing next to the tallest kids in his class

He was so excited!

Warm-up stretches with his class (L's in the back)

Warm-up jumping

Final encouragement from his teacher

Waiting for the music to start... and the race to begin.

Here's a video of L running:

If the kids could collect $100 in change, their teacher had to run the one mile race too.  L's class passed $100 so that's his teacher at the end of the video holding hands with two girls from his class.  She was such a great sport and was awesome with the kids.  We really love her!

Here comes L-- Chatting with friends as he runs

Look at him go!



Speed Walking

The kids could purchase popsicles after the race for 25 cents

O was not impressed with running kindergarteners
L's class after the race

L, headed back to his class.

We all returned later in the evening for more activities and dinner.

E LOVED this big slide

Up she goes...

Down she goes...

Trying out the next slide

She loves to slide

L and one of his buddies (from preschool)

Checking out some of L's school work in the hallway

Bake Sale Goody!

Bake Sale Goody!


L's awesome with a Hula-Hoop

Dancing O

L and his buddy

Dancing O

We had to wait an exceptionally long time for dinner, but I think the kiddos had a really great time-- And the school raised lots of money.  I'll update with a total when it's announced.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Stomach Virus

WARNING TMI: Only two months into the school year, and L brought home a MAJOR stomach virus.  It started out with nausea and throwing up, and was followed by several days of stomach cramping and diarrhea.

L woke us up in the very early morning on Sunday with the dreaded, "I threw up" announcement.  We (husband and I) got the hall-way cleaned up just in time for his 2nd round (which he, thankfully, made into the trash can).  All day on Sunday he was nauseous and spent most of the day napping.  We kept him home from school on Monday, but he was acting normal by the end of the day.  On Tuesday he returned to school, but he continued to have some stomach cramping until probably Friday.

I told him to "look sick."  Silly kid!
E was kind of nauseous in the evening on Tuesday and I had that awful feeling that she was going to be next.  Sure enough, she got sick all over the floor in the kitchen, followed shortly by O getting sick all over me.  They both went right to bed, and were fine all night, but with two sick kiddos, my husband decided to take off work and help with the clean-up (just in case) on Wednesday.  Maybe it was because I had extra help, or maybe it was just a fluke, but both kids were perfectly fine all day.

My Sleepy Sweet Girl- Tuesday Night

Perfectly Fine E

Yup, not feeling sick at all!
Thursday was a different story though.  E was very very lethargic.  She literally did not get off of the couch until I took her to the doctor a little after 1pm.  She would only crack her eyes open and she looked absolutely miserable.  I could not get any food or fluids into her and was really concerned she would dehydrate.  The doctor gave her a strep test, and checked her out, but she found nothing wrong with her (other than the stomach virus).  So, she sent us home with orders to get her hydrated.  She got a little better by evening, but went to bed early.  In the night, E woke up with horrible stomach cramping and, to spare all the graphic details, we had to do a full load of laundry at 2am.  The cramping, screaming in pain, and accidents continued for most of Friday, and Saturday early afternoon for E.  She really wanted to go to her soccer game on Saturday morning, but all she did was lay on the blanket.  Poor girl.

My Sweet Sick Girl

O had a milder version of the same: frequent dirty diapers, increased fussiness, and longer sleeping/napping.

Fussy O

The Sick Kiddos

Fussy baby

Poor guy
Laying around
Sick, tired, and fussy
Still beautiful 

Thankfully, fingers crossed we've not had any incidents since Saturday, so I hope the routine will return to normal today!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Family Fun!

Now that L is in Kindergarten, and E is in Fun School (2 days a week), we've tried to do more family outings on the weekends.  In the past month we've visited Cheekwood, the roller skating rink, a Sounds baseball game, a Titans game (L and his daddy), and an intramural softball game.  Here are the pictures of some of our family fun weekends.

Cheekwood Treehouse Exhibits:

Cheekwood Treehouse!

L with his daddy in one of the treehouses

Big kids and the map


"I always wondered what a lily pad felt like..."

"This way!"

They LOVED the wooden swing

Waiting for a turn on the swing

Still waiting...


More Swinging!


Inside the Conch Shell "Treehouse"

Climbing up the Pirate Ship Treehouse

Fish Treehouse

Hi E!

Yes, Baby O was there too!

I took O up to one treehouse so he could go down the slide


"Rubberband ball" Treehouse

L, hanging out the window

The Family

Husband and Kiddos

The kiddos

O, learning to walk

See ya!
Roller Skating:

E is getting much better on skates!

Only a little help from her daddy

L is way too fast for pictures!

Look at her go!

Some more help from her daddy

O, out on the floor to do the hokey-pokey
"Put your left foot in..."

The prize was a glow stick

L and his glow stick

O with his glow stick

E with her glow stick

E got tired and wanted a little trainer

The Little Kids

Limbo King-- He wins every time!

L and his Limbo Prize


Too Loud!

The Sounds Game:

1st Baseball Game (for E)!

It was a wet, rainy, dreary, Labor Day

The boys!

The Gray Day

My dad with $1 Hotdogs!

Making a Mess

O, walking around between seats


E with her Daddy



Now he's freezing!

Sweet E

O and his "G" (my dad)
Don't they look alike?!

Wet and rainy

The Gang!
Titan's Football Game: L went with his daddy.  E will go with her daddy in a few weeks.

L, sporting his new jersey and hat 

So proud of his Jake Locker Jersey


Adjusting his new hat

Go Titans!

Worn out
Vanderbilt Softball: My husband plays on an intramural softball team at Vanderbilt, so I took the kids one evening to watch him play.  They love it!  Even O kept walking over to the fence to watch his daddy pitch.

"Put me in daddy!"

Running the bases

I'm really looking forward to the cooler fall temperatures and more outdoor family fun weekends...