Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Year End Review

We began the year on a ski trip with my family (parents, brothers, and sister-in-law) in NC.  My son got his first experience on ice skates and skiing.  E was not feeling well for much of the trip, but we did get her out in the snow near the end of the week.

Ski School

My Little Skier

Down-hill skiing with my brother

Thumbs up!

E and I in the snow

L turned 4 in February.

My 4 year old!

After his 4th Birthday, L was old enough to enroll in the Nashville Predator Get Out And Learn Hockey program.  He got his first experience on ice in hockey gear and loved it!

During the spring, E announced that we were expecting our 3rd baby wearing her Big Sister shirt and holding the ultrasound picture.  We called the baby "Baby Bagel" for the first several months of my pregnancy.

 Easter 2011

The Family


L with his Daddy

Me and "Baby Bagel"

 We enjoyed great weather this spring and spent a lot of time outside.

E Sliding at the Park

Being Silly in Pop's Hat
Checking out one of the trains at Cheekwood

L learned to ride his bike without training wheels!

E turned 2 in May and we celebrated with a Princess themed Birthday Party and then went to Holiday World in Indiana.

Birthday Princess at Holiday World

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl at her Princess Party

In July we took our annual vacation to Seaside Florida.  E was a princess and refused to put her feet in the sand, while L was digging in the sand and splashing in the waves the whole time.

Me and the Kiddos:  This was as close to the sand/water as E got.

E with her feet WAY out of the sand

E in her pool, strained of any seaweed of course

No fear!

Admiring his castle

L participated in the Nashville Predator Hockey Camp the week after our vacation to Florida.  We had to purchase all of his own equipment ($$$), but he had a blast.

My Hockey Star!

Out on the Ice!

Gearing Up.

In August, L started preschool for the first time.  He goes two days a week from 9-3 and is absolutely loving it.

Ready for his first day of Preschool

A little tree-climbing before we leave

L with his class "pet"

We learned that "Baby Bagel" was a boy sometime in May and gave him the name O in June.  So all summer long he kept growing and growing... and we kept waiting and waiting for his arrival.  

He kept growing...

And Growing...

And Growing...

And Growing...

And growing...

Until he FINALLY decided to join us... 6 days after his due date!

Baby O: 9lbs 1 oz and 22 inches

Baby O and his Big Brother

Checking out the new baby

Baby O and his Big Sister
Me and Baby O

My Sweet New Baby Boy

Having three children has been a blast.  Baby O is a really great baby and goes with the flow pretty easily.  If I were getting more sleep, I might even say it's no more difficult having three (right now) than it was having two.  Here are a some photos from the last couple of months:

The Baby Dragon

The Princess and her Daddy

Happy Halloween!! From the Knight, Dragon, and Princess

My silly boys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Girl in a bucket!

Christmas Carriage Ride

At the Rink

At the Rink

Christmas Baby

He's growing up so fast!

The two big kids!


E LOVES make-up

L with his Millennium Falcon

E with her baby dolls

Santa Girl

Hanging out