Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pop Pool Days

On warm Sundays in the summer, it's become our weekly tradition to visit my in-laws for lunch after church and a swim in their pool.  My in-laws added a pool to their house a few years ago to attract grand-kids and it sure has attracted us.  It almost feels like we take a mini-vacation every Sunday because we're able to hang out by the pool for most of the day... and the grandparents are always close by to spoil and entertain the kids.

Here are a few pictures from the past few "pool parties," as the kids call them, at Pop's house:


E and her "Pop" in the Pool

E, Pretending to be a Boat

"Grandma" at L

E Caught a Butterfly

A Rest Period with their Daddy

 Several weeks in a row we took the kids to Steak N' Shake for dinner after swimming.  They have "kids eat free" on the weekends, so I don't feel too guilty about getting them both a meal there.

E at Steak N' Shake

L at Steak N' Shake
More Pool Photos:

E, Ready for Another Swim

L, Out in the Deep Water

Pop and E

E with a Friend



L in a Swim Ring

Swim Ring Fun!

Me and Baby O

The Kiddos with "Pop"