Saturday, June 4, 2011

Holiday World- E's Birthday Part 1

My daughter turned two on Memorial Day this year, so we were at Holiday World in Indiana for her Birthday.  We went to Indiana the night before, spent the night, and then met the rest of my family (parents, brothers, and sister-in-law) at Holiday World when it opened.  The park was absolutely perfect for our group: enough adult rides for my siblings, and enough children rides for my 4 and 2 year old.
The Birthday Princess!
Kiddos Ready to Go!
My son's favorite ride was the first ride he was able to ride.  It was just these little fish that went up and down and around in a circle, but the smile on his face was so huge it even brought a little tear to my eye.


Absolute Joy

It was very hot, so we only let L ride a few more rides before heading to the the water portion of the park.

After the fish ride, he wasn't very impressed with these Boats

My Mom

My Youngest Brother and L

E and I, Wearing Matching Pink Shirts

L and My Youngest Brother
After we rode a few dry rides, we changed into our swimsuits and visited the water park.  My son and daughter had an absolute blast sliding down the water slides, splashing in the water, and running around in the water sprinklers.  My daughter, especially, loved the water slides and I'm not sure she went down a single time without a huge smile plastered on her face.  Even the time I tripped at the bottom and we both went underwater she came up smiling.  I really wish I had pictures, but we kept the camera safe and dry in the locker while we swam so all we have are the memories.

Both kids did really great at the park.  At some point E started to get a tiny bit fussy so we fed her some lunch and my mom and I walked her around in the stroller until she fell asleep.  She got a nap while L rode one of the "big kid" water rides and was better when she woke up.  All in all, the kids were really troopers and had a great time without any whining or fussing.

Here are a few more pictures that I took after we spent most of the day at the water park portion.

After a long day, E's sunscreen allergy gave her hives all over her face...

But, even with hives she had a great time!

He was SO excited about the Bumper Boats!
End of the Day Silliness

My Mom, Older Brother, and Sister-in-law

One More Time on the Fish!

The Family (Minus Myself)

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