Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer 2011 Update: Part 1

This summer has been packed with too many activities to even really blog about... So here's a little taste of our summer.

Fourth of July Parade:

Here Comes the Fire Engines

Summer Celebration at Lipscomb University:

Checking out the Lipscomb Bison with Friends


Waiting for her turn

L and a Friend on the Big Slide

E and My Mom on one of the Inflatables

Watching my husband play softball:

"Dad's #1 Fan" With Her Favorite "Baseball" Player

We went to Florida in July and spent a week by the beach.  My daughter was quite the little princess and refused to touch the sand, salt water, or seaweed, but she survived.  Almost every moment we were down by the beach she'd say, "pool best," in an attempt to get someone to take her back up to the house.  My son on the other hand, was constantly asking to go onto the beach to dig in the sand or play in the ocean.  He wanted to dig holes that were "5 feet deep" and venture out into the "deepest waters."  Thankfully, he wore a life jacket or he would have really been tossed in the surf.

The Grumpy Princess On the Beach

The Wave Rider

The Kids and I (Notice E's Feet Away from the Sand/Water)

Straining all the Seaweed Out of the Princess' Pool

E in her little pool
Also while in Florida, the kids took daily bike and wagon rides, and swam in the pool.

Ready to Ride

Off They Go

Wagon Ride

E in a Float we Found at the Beach House

L in a Little Float

It was a HOT summer, so at home, we added our own little pool to our backyard to keep the kids cool when they were out by the Sky Fort:

Pool Time!

Despite the heat, we still managed to get to the park a few times:

She Loves to Slide

Riding Tricycles

Swinging with her Bear

Super Boy!

Zoo Visits:

The Kiddos with a Couple Friends

Hunting for a Duck

E with a Giant Hippo

L with his Aunt Emily

E, Trying to Find a Goat to "Pat"


Coming Down the Big Slide

The Summer continues, so check back for Summer 2011 Part 2 (Lake Day, Cheekwood, Preschool).

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