Sunday, April 22, 2012

L's Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

On February 25th, my oldest son had a Lego Star Wars Birthday Party (yes, just getting around to posting about it).  My husband and I had kind of decided that having a Birthday Party at a location (like Pump It Up, or Bounce U) would be easiest with a newborn, but my son begged for a Lego Star Wars Birthday Party, AT HOME.  So, after several hours searching pinterest for the easiest, least creative, Lego Star Wars ideas I decided we could do it.

I pretty much let L plan his entire party.  He told me what time (noon), what food he wanted (pizza, cake, and cookies), who he wanted to invite (preschool friends, church friends, family, and cousins), what he wanted to do (pin the lightsaber on Yoda, Greedo blasting, Legos) and even where to put decorations and tables.  So, that took a lot of the pressure off of me and he got everything just the way he wanted.

As the kids arrived they played in our playroom or sat down at a table and put together Legos.  L wanted everyone to build with legos, but I think only the two girls actually sat down and created something.

The Cake: L designed his own cake (similar to some we'd seen online) and then I had a good friend make it for him.  His "dream" he said, was to have a blue cake with yellow stars, and characters on the top.  She followed his instructions exactly and the cake was perfect!

The cake and a few decorations

His dream cake!

Close up

Close Up

The Chocolate inside:  It was SO good too!

Snacks:  We picked up some $5 Little Caesars pizzas, I made Star War Character sugar cookies with a clear glaze, and we had some colorful M&Ms in a Star Wars dispenser.

Sugar Cookies


The Snack Table

Lego Star Wars Plates

Lego Star Wars Plates

N-1 Starfighter. 

My dad and father-in-law blew up balloons and taped them all over the house.

The Lego Set-up-- Table #1

Table #2

The Adult Table

In the main living room
The Greedo Blasting Game

Pin the Light Saber on Yoda

The kids, and most importantly L, had a great time.

A Duel

L's friend came dressed as Princess Leia

Lego Set-up

Blasting Greedo Game

Waiting for Cake

Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda

L, with the girls

E, with the boys

Blue Cake!

Pin the Lightsaber Game

Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda

A Goodbye Hug

Opening Presents

Me and my 5 year!!

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