Sunday, July 21, 2013

Growing up... too fast...

Two years ago, I posted about my son L's love and obsession with hockey (L's Hockey Obsession).  Back then, he lived hockey, breathed hockey, and played hockey all the time.  His face would literally light up when he saw the ice and nothing made him happier than to skate after a puck in all his gear.  My house was turned into a hockey rink and he basically lived in his roller blades and hockey equipment.  

Four Year Old L

My Four Year Old

His "tough face"

This smile... all.the.time.

His hockey smile!
Earlier this summer, L told me, "I want to play soccer instead of hockey this year."  I was not expecting it and I literally felt like I had been punched in the face.  Seriously?!  How could I not have noticed the sparkle disappearing from his face when he mentioned hockey?!  What happened to that little boy that wanted to be an NHL hockey player one day?!  Where did my little hockey obsessed boy with the smile plastered on his face go?!  What happened?!  How can he possibly grow up this fast!?!  "No! No!" I wanted to scream. "You have to love hockey for the rest of your life! You are my hockey boy! You have to always be my little hockey boy."  

I seriously wanted to cry, but somehow managed a smile. "Okay." I told him. "If you want to play soccer, we'll sign you up for soccer... and you can always play hockey again next year if you change your mind."

After next week's hockey camp, we'll close the door on ice hockey (for at least a year).  I'll admit, I did great, emotionally, when he transitioned to school, but letting go of hockey is going to be very hard.  I feel like he just grew up right before my eyes.  Wow, they really do grow up... too fast...

My six year old L

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