Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cheekwood 2013

Once a year, we try to make a trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens with the kids.  The weather was beautiful this morning and, with only one soccer game (L's) at 8am, we decided it would make for a good Saturday family activity.  So, we packed a lunch and headed to Cheekwood for a few hours.

L: "I touched a real lily pad!"

This was our first year to be there for their annual scarecrow exhibit, so that was a nice treat.  The kids literally ran from one scarecrow to the next screaming, "Ah, look at this one!" over and over again.

L really liked these guys
Our family favorite was the, "Dr. Minion" minion, created by our pediatrician's office.

"Dr. Minion"
O loved them all.  He would run up to one, point at it, and then laugh.

After checking out the scarecrows, we sat on the lawn and enjoyed some family friendly music ("The Happy Racers") while eating lunch.

Dancing Kids:

Then, we took the kids to visit the remaining treehouse from the treehouse exhibit that we saw last year.  They were really excited because, unlike last year, there wasn't a line for the swing.

L's Surfing Style!

Next we went to the train exhibit.  O absolutely loved it, and I think he could have stayed and watch "choo-choo" go round and round all afternoon.

Last year we took some good photos of the kids in the Japanese Garden, so we walked all the way to the Japanese Garden (not stroller accessible) in hopes of recreating the same good photos.  It was a complete failure.  L kept climbing over the rail into the garden and picking up stones from the rock garden, and E and O were just too wild.

Cheekwood, 2012:

Cheekwood, 2013:

Cheekwood, 2012:

Cheekwood, 2013:

All in all, the kids had a great time and it was a perfect day to spend outside.

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