Thursday, August 14, 2014

O's First Birthday

[Yeah...  Blast from the past.  Better late than never, right!?]

How do you celebrate a first Birthday, in October?!  With football and family, of course!  It's really hard to believe that my sweet baby O has been a blessing in our life for a full year.  To celebrate our sweet guy, we gathered family for some football and fun at our house.

 My Birthday Boy

On the night before his party, my mom and I were searching for football party ideas on Pinterest and we came across a "snack stadium."  My mom headed to the store immediately, bought all the snacks, and we assembled it the next morning.  It was really the highlight of the party, even if we did throw it all together the night before...

The Snack Stadium Progress


 Almost Ready

 The Final Product: Football Snack Stadium!

The snack stadium was our main Birthday Party snack, but we added football cookies and cupcakes for something sweet. 

Football Cookies

Cupcakes, with black and white referee striped wrappers

 The Snack Table

My older kids decorated a few signs for him, and we set up a few football mascots, but the whole party was really very simple. 

 The Birthday Boy, enjoying his string cheese bites

 Big Sister

 His First Cupcake: He ate very little of it.

 The Cupcake "Mess"


At only a year old, there really weren't many party games to play, so we just gathered as a family: The adults watched football, and the kids played for much of the afternoon.  It was perfect.

It was a very simple party, but I think everyone still had a great time!  I know O really enjoyed being the center of attention for the day.

Happy Birthday O!
My Birthday Boy

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