Monday, May 23, 2011

The Skyfort Cedar Playset

The Skyfort Cedar Playset

After viewing hundreds of playgrounds, reading reviews, and seeking advice on message boards, we decided to purchase the Skyfort Cedar Playset from for the kiddos.  The price of installation was almost half the cost of the playground, so we opted to do it all ourselves.  It took at least 5 days (many of which lasted 6-8 hours), but the project is finally in the last stages (only a few minor things remain).  Here's the process in pictures...

The Play System Arrives!

The Boxes and Boards

Building- Day 1

The Bolts, and Screws

L, on the Skyfort

E, Hanging Out on the Slide

Putting Together the Ladder

Working After Dark- End Day 1

L, Ready to Play- Day 2

Working On the Picnic Table

The Slow Progress

Day 2 End

Day 3 Progress: Swings!!

Finally Taking Shape

The Kiddos on the Swings

Working on the Crows Nest

Climbing Wall

My brother and L up in the Crows Nest

Day 4 Progress

Almost Finished- End Day 4

Finishing the Roof- Day 5

Almost Ready for Kiddos!

E, Climbing Up

E, Loves to Slide!

The (almost) Finished Skyfort

View from the Yard

Back View (Monkey Bars Not Attached Yet)

Ready for the Kiddos!

If you're interested in this playset, I'm sure my husband would be happy to share our experience (all positive).


  1. Actually, I'm available for hire as "site manager".

  2. this looks like super fun! i want one!

  3. Great pictures! I really appreciate you posting them. The pics of this model are very limited online, this really helped!

  4. FYI: The slide and monkey bars are reversed from the intended layout and currently (in pictures) have not been attached. The slide switches easily, but the monkey bars do not attach with the intended pieces to the pictured location.

  5. Thank you so much for all the reference photos! They will help my family and I, we just purchase ours!