Saturday, May 7, 2011

When My Son Cuts His Own Hair...

His Own Haircut

Oh yes, my 4 year old gave himself a haircut.  He'd been in the other room when I heard my husband say, "What did you do to your hair?  You look horrible!  Did you try to cut your own hair?"  Then L emerges from the other room with a few tears in his eyes, a guilty look on his face, and chunks missing from his bangs.  I would have been really upset, but it was pretty obvious, from the minute that I saw him, that he knew he was guilty and knew he'd done a very bad thing.  His reason for cutting it was because he had "one piece" that was in his face, but from the amount of hair he cut, he looks like he had more than "one piece."  

The Hair and Scissors

My husband told him to go look at himself in the mirror, but he couldn't even bare to look at himself. The poor guy felt so bad that he laid down, to hide his face, and was asleep within minutes.  I have no doubt that he will NEVER attempt to cut his own hair again.  He's been awake for a little while now and he'll still get teary eyed if I mention his hair cut.

A Guilty Smile

Trying to Sleep Off the Guilt

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