Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enchanted Princess Event at the Monkey's Treehouse

On Thursday, I took E to the Monkey's Treehouse to meet Sleeping Beauty, one of the enchanted princesses at  As most know, E is a big princess fan so I knew it would be the perfect thing to do with her while her big brother was at preschool.  We arrived about an hour before Sleeping Beauty so, for the first hour, she just played at the Monkey's Treehouse: climbing, sliding, pushing baby dolls around in a stroller, and shopping in the pretend super market.

E, with her Princess Leia Buns

Up she goes...

She loves to climb!

My beautiful princess in the ball pit
When Sleeping Beauty arrived, E was busy with a snack, so we watched from a distance (the party room).  Sleeping Beauty sat down on the floor and encouraged all the girls to gather around her.  Then she asked each child one by one their name and told them each one beautiful/special thing about them.  Each conversation went something like, "oh X, it is wonderful to meet you. You have such beautiful Cinderella-blue eyes.  I am so glad you are here!"  She was absolutely fantastic with the girls. After she'd introduced herself to each child, she sang a few songs, and then asked everyone to scoot really close to listen to a story.

E gathered around when it was time to listen to the story.  E was so cute because she literally had her eyes glued on Sleeping Beauty.

Listening to the story
After the story, she asked each girl to get in a line to have their picture taken and to get a sticker and coloring page.  I was not sure if E would be confident enough to sit with a character, but she did not hesitate at all.  She climbed up into her lap with a big smile on her face.

E and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Waiting for her autograph

Waiting for a sticker

E put her stick on her coloring page

On her way home she told me, "when I grow up I can be a real princess. I sing songs to girls, read books, and then give every girl a hug and a picture."  What a perfect way to spend the morning with my own little princess!

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