Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Roller Skating!

How do I celebrate Mother's Day?  Roller Skating with the kids!

My two roller skaters!

Ready to skate!

Hokey-Pokey Time!

Elbow In-- With some help from Daddy

Me and Baby O

E and her Daddy

Getting Braver...

I love these little trainers!

Here she comes... slowly, but surely!

Proudly carrying her hokey-pokey prize!

Super Fast L

Look Out!  Here comes L!

My Brother joined us too!

L, Loves Air Hockey too!

My husband with E and O!



Big O!

Me, having entirely too much fun with O!

E, pretending to play a game

It was a great day!  We skated for several hours, went to a party, and then went out to dinner.  Today (Sunday), I will celebrate with some solo, kid-free shopping…  Happy Mother's Day!!

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