Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer, Week Six

Summer rolls on.  I'd like to say we took a few days to "recover" from vacation, but honestly all of our vacation clothes are still in stacks in the dinning room floor.  :) 

Sunday-- Pop pool day.  We slept in too late and missed church, but we did make it over to my in-laws by lunch time for some sandwiches and pool time.  Then finished off the day by having dinner at Steak N' Shake. 

Monday-- I took the kids to Lipscomb's Summer Celebration.  It's a free Christian conference for both kids and adults.  The kids, all three, had VBS type classes and I was able to attend some sessions by myself.  

Tuesday-- I was privileged to be able to attend a session/interview with Michael W. Smith (probably my all-time favorite musician).  At the end of his interview, he played "It is well with my Soul" while the entire audience sang.  Then for the last verse, he stopped playing, stood up, and just listened to the audience-- it was beautiful!

Michael W Smith and Ronda Lowery

Inflatable Fun!

O was too little play


Cooling Off

Wednesday--  We spent most of the day with my parents.  We went over in the morning for the "big" 4th of July parade in their small town, then stayed for barbecue and play-time all afternoon.

Waiting for the Parade

Election Year Equals LOTS of Floats

And Random Things

"Vote For Lavender"

And Dump Trucks!

And LOTS of 4-wheelers!

A Train!

My Kiddos in Red, White, and Blue

Thursday-- I took the kids to the Monkey's Treehouse.  We purchased a membership for the month of July, so I imagine we'll be back there a LOT this month.

Friday-- I took E to her 3 year well-visit.  She gained FIVE pounds since last year and grew 2.5 inches.  She's even on the growth chart now!!  Yahoo!!

Saturday-- I continued tagging clothes for a consignment sale (at the end of the month), and we just hung around the house.  It's been over 100 degrees everyday this week so we've been trying to spend as little time out in the heat as possible.

Hope you'll check back next week!

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