Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer's End: Little Preds Hockey School

After such a great experience last year, we signed L up for the Little Preds Hockey School again this summer.  He played an entire season of ice hockey this past fall/winter, and I could tell a big difference in his skills.  He's skating, stopping, passing, and shooting were all very much improved.  BUT, the greatest change of all was in his listening skills: He stayed in line, followed instructions, and actually listened to all of the coaches!!  I was so proud!  This year the age had been raised to 5 yrs, and I think that made a real difference because all the kids seemed to be a little more mature.

Ready for another week in hockey school!

L with his proud little sister


One of L's biggest fan!

Passing drill with one of his coaches

E, running around

Yes, he's still one of the smallest

Looking for her big brother

Skating really fast

Hi Mom!

He's the little one on the end

E and my brother-- Crazy fans!

LISTENING to his coaches!

Big O-- Poor guy had dinner at the rink every night

My Hockey Boy!

Daddy and O, searching for L

He was also much more aggressive this year.

E and her daddy


My dad: Taking pictures of the wrong kid!  Haha!

Love these two!

After hockey play-time! 

Award Ceremony: O thinks he's one of the big boys

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