Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hound Dog Run!

The only fundraiser at my son's Kindergarten is the Hound Dog Run.  It's a one mile fun run during school hours, and a dinner with other fund raising activities after school.

My husband worked from home on Friday so we could all be there at 11am for L's race time.  The kids filed onto the field, watched the fastest child in each class sprint, and then gathered at their class starting line for the race.

L's class entering the field: His teacher is on the right applauding all the kids. 

L, standing next to the tallest kids in his class

He was so excited!

Warm-up stretches with his class (L's in the back)

Warm-up jumping

Final encouragement from his teacher

Waiting for the music to start... and the race to begin.

Here's a video of L running:

If the kids could collect $100 in change, their teacher had to run the one mile race too.  L's class passed $100 so that's his teacher at the end of the video holding hands with two girls from his class.  She was such a great sport and was awesome with the kids.  We really love her!

Here comes L-- Chatting with friends as he runs

Look at him go!



Speed Walking

The kids could purchase popsicles after the race for 25 cents

O was not impressed with running kindergarteners
L's class after the race

L, headed back to his class.

We all returned later in the evening for more activities and dinner.

E LOVED this big slide

Up she goes...

Down she goes...

Trying out the next slide

She loves to slide

L and one of his buddies (from preschool)

Checking out some of L's school work in the hallway

Bake Sale Goody!

Bake Sale Goody!


L's awesome with a Hula-Hoop

Dancing O

L and his buddy

Dancing O

We had to wait an exceptionally long time for dinner, but I think the kiddos had a really great time-- And the school raised lots of money.  I'll update with a total when it's announced.

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  1. looks like a fun day. you put this together very well. bless you and yours. --lauren