Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun School!

E's First Day of School!

After chatting with several of my close friends, I came to the conclusion that E and I would both benefit from a Mother's Day Out program.  It would give her the opportunity to learn outside the home, in a classroom environment, and while she was away I could run my errands and do chores around the house (with only one child).  One day recently she had 3 or 4 potty accidents and her tantrums were just one right after another.  I couldn't leave the house in complete shambles, so in attempt to get some things cleaned up, I parked her in front of a Curious George Movie.  As I was washing the kitchen floor I kind of had a lightbulb moment. You know, my friends are right.  If I sent her to school, just two days a week, I could get my errands done and would have the time to focus almost all of my attention on her the other three days of the week.  So, I called immediately and she started the very next school day.

On her first day we decided to call it "Fun School" and use, "Preschool" for when she's four. She helped me pack her lunch, decorate her napkin, and gather her blankets and sheet for her nap mat.  When we arrived at her classroom she walked right in, look for her name tag, and hung up her backpack and lunch bag (just like L used to do).  As I chatted with her teachers, and filled out some paperwork, she took off playing.  I even had to hunt her down in the home center (with a baby doll, of course) to give her a goodbye hug.  When I arrived to pick her up, she was all smiles. 

That night when I tucked her in I asked her, "what would you like to do tomorrow?  I've already cleaned up, so we can do whatever you want!"  With much excitement, she said, "Go to Fun School!"  She actually sounded disappointed that she'd have to hang out with me all the next day.  Silly girl.

She's been in school for 4 weeks now, has not had a single potty accident, and her tantrums have decreased dramatically.  I'm able to run errands and clean house while she's away at school, and then I can focus my attention on her (and O) when she's home (the other 3 days of the week).  Win-Win!  Almost, makes it worth the $230 a month... almost.  

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