Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby O is ONE!!

One year ago, I was miserably pregnant.  It had been six days since O's due date and I was desperate to see his sweet baby face.  When I got up on the morning of the 16th I posted on FB: "Anyone have a donkey I could borrow? I'm thinking maybe I need a nice long donkey ride to Bethlehem… Hey, it worked for Mary and Jesus."  I walked a little over an hour as soon as I got up, took a long hot bath afterward, and then went to the park with the family for an additional 2.5 mile walk.

Walking with the kiddos.
During our walk, I decided to call my mom to see if she would like to join us and go to L's 1st hockey practice of the season.  Typically my mom goes to church over an hour away, but she had stayed home in hopes that I would go into labor.  So we went home for lunch, took the baby car-seat out of the car, and let my mom ride with us over to L's hockey practice.

The only picture I captured of hockey before my water broke 
About 45 minutes into L's practice my water broke and we all headed to the hospital... and baby O arrived less than about 8 hours later (Birth Story:

One last pregnancy photo!

Sweet O

I was SO HAPPY to hold baby O in my ARMS!
The next morning I added this picture with the FB status: "Snuggling with my new baby boy!"

And a few minutes later: "I'm NOT pregnant!! O arrived last night at 10:52pm. 9lbs 1oz and 22 inches long. My water broke at L's hockey practice and O was born a few hours later... after a very uneventful, quick labor."

The kids came the next morning and met their new little brother for the very first time.

Their first look at Baby O

E with her new baby brother

Baby O
The next day, we took THREE kids home from the hospital and started life as a family of five!

Ride home a couple days later

Hanging out

Proud Big Brother

More Hanging out

Sweet Kisses

Tummy Time

He was so tiny

More Tummy Time

Fast forward to today and O is one year old.  He's walking, climbing, and babbling.  He's no longer just a baby and definitely has a mind of his own.

O at his first birthday party
He loves:

His bottle

Driving Backward

Climbing/Standing in the Refrigerator 


Opening and closing things


Being Up High

Getting into things

Walking without shoes!

Getting into the toilet

Flipping over the slide

Watching church from the foyer

Riding in the stroller

The fish at the zoo


Playing Peek-a-boo


Wagon Rides

Sliding with (and without) his mama


Brushing his teeth

Climbing the stairs

I love him more and more everyday.  What a character!

His "not impressed" face!

I can't wait to watch him over this next year as he grows more and more into the little person God is creating him to be! 

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