Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Festival

I love the Christmas Festival at our church: breakfast, pony rides, carriage ride, ornaments, gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, and pictures with Santa.  My kids had such a great time today.

Christmas Festival 2012

E, O, and L at our Church Christmas Festival
L, O, and E
Last year, E was too fearful to ride on the pony (more than a few seconds), but this year she said she was not afraid, "because God is with me."

Pony Ride 2011
Pony Ride 2012
Last year, L rode timidly on the pony.  This year, he nearly climbed onto it by himself!

Pony Ride 2011
Pony Ride 2012
My two older kids have grown so much.  I'm just amazed.


2011- 2.5 year old E
2012- 3.5 year old E

2011- 4.5 year old L
2012- 5.5 year old L

Last year, the older kids were really too young to decorate a gingerbread house, but this year, even E was able to do it.

E, with her house

L, with his house

The biggest change of all, of course, is Baby O.  Last year he was really just an infant and this year he's a curious toddler.


Some things of course haven't changed.  They still make goofy faces, run to the car, and use too many sprinkles on their sugar cookies!

2011-- Running to the car
2012-- Running to the car
Sprinkling her cookie

E and her finished cookie, 2011
E and her finished cookie, 2012
L, icing his cookie 2012

We don't have our Santa picture back yet, but here's the one from last year:


 Photo for 2012 to come...

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