Friday, December 7, 2012

Tooth Fairy!

At 3:30am, our bedroom door flew open and L announced, "MY TOOTH FELL OUT!"  It was loose for several weeks but, even wiggling it right before bedtime, I thought it would be a few more days.  According to him, he just woke up and it popped out.  So my husband got up to confirm, and put the little tooth in a ziplock bag.  The next morning he was so excited!  Seriously, this kid was as excited about losing his tooth as he will be Christmas morning.

His tooth-less grin

L was super proud of his tooth and so he made this note for the tooth fairy:

"I want to keep my toof"
I was always under the impression that the tooth fairy pays you for your tooth, but according to Super Why, L says, "it's okay to keep your tooth AND get money."  So, now he's got his tooth and $5 in a ziplock bag... at school... because of course he had to show all of his friends.

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