Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas Flu 2012!

How was your Christmas?  My family got the flu.  First it was my husband, followed shortly by my daughter E, and then Baby O.  Thanks to God, my flu shot, and Tamiflu, I managed to stay healthy enough to take care of everyone else.  Unfortunately, I've watched my kids battle a lot of illness over the last 5.5 years, but I have never seen them so miserable.  In fact, as soon as we learned that my daughter and husband had been diagnosed with influenza, I sent my oldest to stay with his grandparents (for 3-4 days).  We did have a small little Christmas on Christmas morning, but the youngest two kids did more sleeping than playing.  Lets hope this Christmas can go down in the record books as one of our worst Christmas' ever.

Flu Symptom #1: Eye Drainage

This is what she looked like for 5 days!!

Then this is what O looked like for 5-6 days.

She did a lot of sleeping.

O tried to play, but he mostly just sat.

E, didn't want to eat

Even when she started to feel well enough to play, she still looked miserable.

Christmas Eve: No Waiting Up for Santa this Year
Two of my flu patients.

Cleaning the dried drainage from his eyes every morning.

He says, "I hate the flu!"

Christmas 2012:

Santa came! 

The Healthy Boy!

L with his stocking stuffers

We had to wake up E... after 8am!

"I have a pony!"

E with her ponies

The still flu-y O

Pedialyte in a bottle

The smile can not mask the sick look in her eyes.


Sick O

E, with all of her gifts.

L, with all of his gifts

The sick daddy trying to help L with Legos

More sleeping...

L liked E's pony.

The kids playing together

Watching a movie

After Christmas Mess! :)

Sick, happy boy!

Last year, I did a year-end review kind of post with pictures from the entire year... But, my December was a little too stressful to think about posting on the blog.  So when things get back to normal in the next week or so I'll try to gather up the year's pictures and post them.

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