Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Field Day

Today was L's Field Day at school.  The kids rotated to about 10 different events and spent the ENTIRE school day doing relays and other fun activities.  My father-in-law kept the two little kids in the morning, and I headed over to the school at about 8:30am.  My hope was to volunteer half-way for an event, and still be able to rotate around with L, but instead I was assigned to the limbo station.  I honestly spent most of the day, (8:30-12) supervising the limbo, but did step away for a few minutes to watch L at a few other events.

Wet Sponge Relay:


Scooter Races:

Wii Dance:

When I returned in the afternoon, I brought the little kids with me and E took these pictures for me:

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