Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walking Field Trip

L's class went on a special, "Walking Field Trip" this morning to get a behind the scenes look at Publix, Little Caesars, and The Marble Slab.

Publix- Waiting for instructions

Publix- Heading to the Bakery

Publix- Produce

Publix- Touching a lobster

Publix- Into the freezer!

Publix- Coming out of the refrigerator!

My sweet L. I love this kid!

Publix- Cashier

Publix Cookie Time!


L and one of his best girlfriends

How can he be growing up so fast!?

Little Caesar's Pizza

Little Caesars- Learning about the dough

Little Caesars- Rolling out the dough

Marble Slab- Learning about ice cream

Marble Slab- Time for some ice cream

Marble Slab- Yum!

After the Field Trip, we returned to the school for a Kindergarten Award Ceremony.  They wore their own homemade hats instead of graduation caps.

L and I

"My Hat is a Bird Hat"

Getting his Award and Diploma

"You Completed Kindergarten!"

L and his teacher

I'm so proud of this boy!

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