Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015: Holiday World

#15 Holiday World!!  In order to make this the greatest summer of all time, we knew we had to make another trip to Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana.  Our original Memorial Day plans were rained out, but we found another day in June that worked for our schedule and we ended up having another perfect trip.  I've already blogged about our other trips to Holiday World [here in 2011 and here in 2013], so this time I thought I'd just show pictures of some of the rides. There's really something for everyone, but these would be some of the best rides for the 8 years old and under crowd.

Measuring for ride bracelets.  L and E both got purple bracelets, which means they were over 42 inches tall, but shorter than 48 inches tall.

Star Spangled Carousel.

Holidog Express.

Kitty's Tea Party Cups. We rode these in the morning soon after the park opened, and again in the evening before we left.

 Doggone Trail.  We were able to ride these twice too.

Indian River Canoes.

Safari Sam's Splashland.  E and O's absolute favorite area of the water park. While L was off riding the big water rides with his dad, the little kids and I hung out here.

Bahari River.  
My Mom

This photo is refusing to rotate

Kima Bay.

Monsoon Lagoon. L and E's favorite place in the water park.

Gobbler Getaway.

Turkey Whirl. My brother and parents were the only ones brave enough for this one, but the pictures were too great to exclude.

Lewis and Clark Trail.  We waited longer for these little cars, I think, than any other ride (still no more than about 10 minutes).

Dasher's Seahorses.

Reindeer Games.  At first, L was the only one brave enough to try this drop ride, but E's daddy convinced her to give it a try a little while later... And they both loved it!

Comet's Rockets.

Rudolph's Round Up.

Reindeer Games.

Dancers Fish.

The Howler. L and E's favorite ride of the day.  I think they rode it 4-5 times in a row at the very end of the day.

All in all, we had such a great time!  I didn't get picture of any of the adult water slides, the roller coasters, or the teenage/middle school rides, but Holiday World has plenty for those ages too.  Check it out: Holiday World and Splashin Safari

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