Sunday, February 21, 2016

E's Pancake, Pajama, and Donut Party!

For E's 6th Birthday she requested a Pajama Party.  Her guests came in their pajamas (of course) at 9am, and we celebrated by eating donuts and pancakes, making fruit loop necklaces, watching a short movie, and then playing some party games.

As guests arrived, we served donuts, pancakes, and cereal for a breakfast treat.

The donuts were a big hit!

After plenty of sugar, the kids made some fruit loop necklaces and then everyone headed to the living room and gathered around the TV to watch Peg + Cat's Pajama Problem episode (for 15 minutes).

When the movie was over, everyone headed upstairs to our "party room" for party games.

The first game we played was pin the bamboo on the panda bear.  E has become very fond of pandas lately, so we just incorporated pandas into her theme.

After that game, we formed a complete circle with the pillows and played a game of musical "pillows."

The kids that got "out" first, just moved over to the side and had their own little dance party:

Next up were relay races.

Pillow sack races:

Donut Races:

After several rounds of those, we passed out bags and markers and the kids decorated their own bags for the pinata candy.

And they all took turns at the pinata. The cupcake pinata was actually the pinata we used for E's Pinkalicious Party several years ago.  Previously, none of the kids were able to break it, but this year the kids were able to really crack it open.

When the pinata had been opened and all the candy distributed, the kids all went back downstairs to watch E open her presents.

It was probably one of my favorite parties to host and E agreed that it was the "most fun" too.

Happy Birthday to my E!

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