Saturday, June 1, 2013

Es Pinkalicious Princess Party

E has recently fallen in love with the Pinkalicious series of books.  She originally wanted to have a Rapunzel (Disney's Tangled) party, but when we found a Pinkalicious costume at a consignment sale for $4, the decision was made to have a perfectly Pinkalicious 4th Birthday Party.  The Pinkalicious Party supplies (plates, napkins, & cups) were a little more than I wanted to spend, so E picked out basic Princess Party supplies from Dollar Tree and we called it a Pinkalicious PRINCESS party.  It turned out perfectly girly, and perfectly E.

Pinkalicious Birthday Girl!

Dining Room
One of the Pinkalicious Posters that I Made
Princess Plates from Dollar Tree

Food Table

Party Room

We invited the girls to dress as their favorite princess (or in pink) and they all looked adorable. After a few minutes of playtime, they sat down at the tables and colored some Pinkalicious tiaras (from  The adults helped to cut them out and then we took them upstairs to our "Party Room" to play a game of "Pin the Tiara on Pinkalicious."

Miss E in her Pinkalicious Costume Coloring

Princesses Coloring

More Princesses (and L) Coloring

L, Ready to "Pin" his Tiara onto Pinkalicious (I made the poster)

The Princesses, Waiting for a Turn

I'm pretty sure they all "cheated," but they were so cute.
After everyone had the opportunity to place the tiara on Pinkalicious' head, they all sat down and I read the original Pinkalicious book.

Then I distributed the girl's treat bags and we prepared to break the pinata.  Each girl came up one at a time and gave it four whacks with a wooden pole.  After each girl had a turn, we gave L a chance.  He whacked it pretty hard, but when it didn't even dent, we decided to just shake the candy out.  Honestly, I'm happy the pinata was too hard for them to break because shaking the candy out will allow me to re-use the pinata as a decoration in E's room, or at another party.

Treat Bag: Wand, Bracelet, Pink Tootsie Roll, Pinata Candy 

E, giving it a good hard whack... in her high heels!
Snow White's Turn

Another Princesses Turn

Big brother's turn

Shaking the candy out

Putting their candy in their treat bags

Then we headed back downstairs for cake, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, strawberries, and pink ice cream with sprinkles.

Our Pinkalicious Cupcake Cake (made by a friend)

E with her cake!

She was so excited about her big cupcake


The Princesses Loved their Cake

After the cake, I gave the girls the opportunity to have some free playtime.  Some tried on other dress up clothes, had their nails painted by E's aunt, or just played with other toys.

Silly Girls!

O, playing too.

Painting Nails
We concluded the party, after most had left, by letting E open her presents.  Then she spent the rest of her Birthday Party day playing with her new toys.

Opening Presents With a Friend

Painting Her New Picture Frame

New Jump Rope

More Jumping Rope


Princess Cup and Pinkalicious!

Reading Books to her Pinkalicious Doll

Singing Birthday Card Tiara

My Sweet Birthday Girl

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