Saturday, April 2, 2011

Legos, Dolls, and Rattles?!

The Proud Big Sister in Training

Yes, that sweet girl, wearing a "Big Sister" shirt, is holding a picture of her future little brother or sister!  I'm pregnant!  So, I guess in October I'll have to change my blog title to "Legos, Baby Dolls, and Baby Rattles." :)

My son had been praying for "a brother" for several months, so he was really excited when we told him that God was growing a baby in my tummy.  He is very interested in the whole process and asks a lot of questions about pregnancy, birth, baby stage, etc..  I've really been surprised with how often he thinks about the baby and talks to him/her.  He has named the baby, "Bagel" (because that's all I ate for a while) and he thinks without a doubt that it's a boy.  "He is a boy.  His name is Bagel" he tells people.  He has also started pointing out other families with 3 kids and saying, "that's just like us!"  So, I'm not sure how he'll react when we do have another child, but he has handled he news of a future child very well.

My daughter is really too young to understand anything yet.  She knows that an ultrasound picture is a "baby," and that we call my tummy a "baby," but other than that she's pretty clueless.

Checking out the Ultrasound Picture

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  1. When I saw that shirt the other day I thought it was either one of two things, yard sale or true. I am so glad it is true. They will be wonderful big children. Keep everyone updated. Think and pray for you and your family daily. Love you,

    Diane Dishmon