Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

One of Our Trees in Bloom

Hooray for beautiful weather!!  My children love to play outside and they have really enjoyed the nice weather the past few weeks.  On good weather days, we go to the Y, and then play outside in the drive-way when we get home.  It gives the kids the opportunity to burn off extra energy, and me the chance to recover from my workout.

We have the perfect child-size climbing tree in our side yard.  Not only is it absolutely beautiful when in bloom, but it's branches start very low to the ground and it's not very tall.  My son loves to climb as high as possible in it, and my daughter wishes she were brave enough to climb it it.  Most often, when E asks to get into the tree, she is crying to get down in a matter of seconds.

Tree Climbing

Acting Like a Monkey in a Tree
The Nervous Tree Climber

They also love to run around and dance in the sunshine: my daughter with a little more poise, and my son with a little more speed.  It always brings a smile to my face to see their care-free spirits shine.  They both can experience such indescribable joy just by spinning and running around in the yard... oh, to be a child again...

Dancing in the Sunlight
Not a Care in the World

Appropriately, her shirt says, "Spin, Twirl, Dance"
Running in the Sunlight

Yes, Everything he does is a Little More Intense
Not a Care in the World

Happy Spring!

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