Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 16th: Walking, hockey, and Baby O!

Six days past my due date I was miserable and dedicated the entire day to inducing labor.  I got up in the morning and immediately started walking around the house.  The kids thought it was hilarious to see me walking around in circles and they'd jump out and scare me, or run around behind me.  When the temperature got warm enough, we packed up the kids and headed to Edwin Warner Park to walk some more.  The kids rode in the stroller, while eating lunch, and my husband and I walked 2.5 miles.  The weather was beautiful!

When we got home it was time for L's first hockey practice of the season so we picked up my mom (who wanted to go watch him too) and headed to the ice hockey rink.  I had just enough time to snap two pictures and my water broke.  My husband grabbed L off the ice and we headed to the hospital to meet baby O.

E looking for L


Baby O was born at 10:55pm that evening weighing 9lbs 1oz and was 22 inches long.  I'll post the entire birth story in a separate post, when I get a chance.

Baby O

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