Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer, Week Four

More Summer Pictures!


Singing in the Car

Heading to church for Father's Day

Trying on Hats at Target

O taking a nap with his daddy

Evening Bike Riding

L is really doing great without training wheels this summer


Our drive-way is so small all he can do is go in circles


The Lego Table

Trying to climb in the chair

Playing with dolls


Trying to get all the Legos

My little monkey

He does this all. the. time. now!

Sliding down the door

Hmm... One of these things is not like the other?

Can you find the object that does not belong?  Hint:  It's a support cup.
Friday-- We spent the day packing and preparing for our vacation.

Saturday-- We left out around 5:30am and headed to Seaside Florida for our annual beach vacation.


Crazy Sleep Hair

E and her Bear

O, enjoying one of our "surprise" toys

In the car battling

No trip is complete without some fighting

DVD watching

Nap Time!

O, chilling

Reading books

We made it!!

Headed down to the beach

It was VERY windy

Windy hair!

Sleeping Boy

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