Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer, Week Two!

As promised, here's more from our summer, week two!!

Sunday--  On Sunday we took the kids to a special Splash Bash at our local YMCA.  They played in a sprinkler, bounced on some inflatables, squirted each other with water guns, and did a balloon toss.  At the end, they used some "dessert money" that they got from their Pop to buy icees from the Konda Ice Truck.

L and his Squirt Gun

Monday-- "Baby on the Move!"  For the last few weeks, the big kids have been able to redirect O from their toys.  They used to be able to block him with blankets and distract him... BUT... not any more!  O is getting faster and faster everyday.  E says, "O is busting a move!"

Here Comes Trouble!

 Tuesday-- Wii Dancing!  They LOVE to dance to the "Party Rock Anthem."

Aren't they cute?!

Craft Break!

Wednesday-- A big day at our house:  O learned to pull-up on the fire place hearth.  It had been a really great place for the big kids to keep their Legos, but not any more!  Oh yeah, we also went to the Library for Story Time.

O, searching for a good book

He was SO proud of himself!

Look at that proud big boy face!

The big kids were excited for him too.

Thursday-- We went to the Monkey's Treehouse, and then the big kids and I went swimming with my mom, aunt, and brother.

My Three Monkey's at the Monkey's Treehouse



My Three!


Happy Boy


I love him.

All Girl!

Concentration Face!

Climbing Girl!

The big kids LOVE to play America's Got Talent

This is their "Talent"



Friday--  The kids went to the Y for Water Play Day and then we just played around the house.

Sleeping O

Saturday--  I literally spent all morning cleaning the car and shuffling the car seats.  But, we can do it-- 3 across in our Honda CRV!

E- Sunshine Kids Radian R65, L- Diono Radia R100, and O- Britax Marathon

All of a sudden he looks much smaller!

Hope you had a great week!!  We're already looking forward to our 3rd week of summer-- and more play time!


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