Sunday, March 3, 2013

A God Moment

O was fussy during worship this morning so I took him out to the foyer to walk around.  I knew he was tired, but the kid just would not fall asleep.  At one point I thought he was drifting off to sleep, but he quickly wiggled down.  He walked over to the Great Hall entrance and was peaking in the door.  An older man and his wife came out around that time and, naturally, were drawn to my sweet little guy.  

(photo from October 2012)

The older man bent over and said, "Hi.  Would you like to shake hands?"  Instead of putting one hand out, O looked up at the man and reached up with both arms.  The man picked him up and, surprisingly, O laid his head down on his shoulder and put his arms around him.  I saw a tear in the man's eyes and he whispered, "Oh, thank you," over and over again.  When the man handed O back to me (after O refused a few times), the women told me, "You don't know how much he needed that."  She gave O a little pat on the back and told me,  "Thank you for sharing your sweet son with us."  

I honestly have no idea what was going on in the man or woman's life this morning.  I'm not sure why they were leaving church early, why the man "needed" O, or even why O immediately felt comfortable with him... BUT, I know it was a God thing.  God sent my sweet boy to this man for those few minutes.  So if you're struggling with how God might be able to use you, be reminded that God uses, even the least of these.  If he can use a tired 16 month old, I'm sure he can use YOU.

I'll add, I took O from the man and within 1 minute (literally) O was sound asleep in my arms.  It was almost like O was waiting for this God moment.

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