Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Weeks of Spring Break

This year, my oldest two kids had TWO weeks off for spring break.  My plan, originally, was to just pack those two weeks with activities, but when my mother-in-law offered to entertain us for a week IN FLORIDA, I had to agree.  So we all headed south after E's 8am soccer game on Saturday.

Heading South!

After a REALLY long 8 hour car ride, that took us closer to 11 hours, we finally arrived in Florida.


Headed to the beach
Kite Flying

Hole Digging

Swimming in the HEATED pool

Being Goofy

My husband and O

"Princess And The Pea" play in Seaside

Indoor Playing

Digging in the sand


More digging in the sand

ME: After a short run

E actually touched the sand (a huge accomplishment)

More swimming!

Scooter Rides with Pop

This was O's favorite game

"Ring the water fountain"

Putt-putt in the subdivision

The Score Keepers

The kiddos!

O LOVED playing putt-putt


Taking Walks

More Pool Time


Bike Rides


Playing Catch

Catching Some Rays




Walking to the Pool

More Bike Riding

After a week in mostly sunny Florida, we left this:

And came home to this:

Dusting of Snow and Freezing Temperatures

The first few days we just tried to adjust to the weather and played inside. We went swimming at the indoor pool at the Y, visited a local toy store (with bunnies),  and went to an indoor play place.  We were only able to enjoy one day of warm sunny weather in Tennessee, but thankfully we had pretty great weather the first week in Florida.


More Outside Playing:

Soccer Practice (for E):
She's in the light pink jacket

Indoor Play Place:

Merida, from Disney's Brave

Chatting with Merida

Practicing their "pose"

E was SO excited!

Lunch Out (Chik-fil-A):

We still have E's soccer game in the morning, an Easter Egg Hunt, and Easter to go, but I'll make a separate post for those.

Happy Spring Break!

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