Friday, March 29, 2013

Monkey's Treehouse Enchanted Princess Event

This morning, I took the kids to the Monkey's Treehouse to meet Merida from Brave, (one of the enchanted princesses at  As most know, my daughter E is a huge princess fan, and one of her favorites is "Brave."  Her big Christmas gift from Santa this year was a "Brave" doll and pony.

E's Brave Doll and Pony

Knowing that it might be crowded, we went early to play.  L had only been to this location one other time, so he spent the first 30 minutes running from one thing to the next. 

E and O kind of stuck together: playing on the slides, in the balls, and in the play kitchen.

When Merida arrived, she immediately captured all the little girls' attention.  L and E both went and stood right beside her and listened to her answer questions and talk with the kids.

E, kept feeling Merida's dress

Then it was picture time.  I had explained to E that this time, we were not going to have a professional photo made.  We had her picture taken with Rapunzel last time because I was without a camera, but this time I had my own camera and I had already taken a few photos.  

Rapunzel (Several Weeks Ago). Photo by:

Merida went into the "Party room" and a line formed outside the door for pictures.  The photographer told the adults, "all I'll need to see is your receipt."  E peeked in the door and then rushed back over to me.  She threw her arms around my neck and started crying.  "She didn't give me a hug," she cried.  I could tell that her little heart was broken.  I reassured her that when photos were over, Merida would likely come back out to greet the girls again and she could get a hug... but she was devastated.

Recognizing that it would only cost me $10 to make her day, AND get a pretty great picture (like the Rapunzel picture above), I returned to the front desk and bought the picture.  It was the best decision I made all day.  When it was E's turn, Merida got down on her level and spent a few minutes making her feel comfortable.  Merida pointed to her Rapunzel shirt and told E that she was friends with Rapunzel too.  Then they practiced their pose.

When the picture was taken, she got a great big hug, and E went away beaming.  She was even able to sneak back in at the end of the hour and get a few more special moments with Merida.

She would not let go of her 10% off card
This is one happy girl!
Thank you to the Monkey's Treehouse, to Enchanted Princesses, and to Created Images for today. I'll have to post our photo in a few weeks when it's ready.

If you're interested, here's our experience from last year's Enchanted Princess Event at the Monkey's Treehouse with Sleeping Beauty too:

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