Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Slip N' Slide!

The sprinkler was such a backyard success that when I found a Slip N' Slide on clearance we decided to get it.  I set it up for the kids and gave them instructions on how to "slide."

L kind of got the idea, but he kept sliding on his back and did not make it even half-way down the slide:

E had absolutely no concept of sliding, and initially, she just marched up and down it:

Marching E
I had no real intentions of sliding myself, but when they were not even sliding, I knew it was my turn.  I ran inside real quick, changed into my swim suit, and came out to show them how it was done.  On my first attempt I went about 100 MPH and flew off the end, but after several more times I was able to show them the perfect slip n' sliding:

After my perfect demonstration, the kids continued to try.  I'm not sure either of them ever actually slid on their tummy, but they all three had a great time.  E liked to crawl up and down the slide and played in the little pool at the end:

L had a good time too, "attempting" to slide, but the closest I got him to sliding was sliding on his knees:

O was pretty timid of the sprinklers on the sides of the slip n' slide at first, but after watching for a while, he ventured out to give it a try:

Despite the fact that none of the kids really got the concept of slipping and sliding on the slip n' slide, they had a really great time.  In fact, the sprinklers on the side of the slip n' slide and the little pool at the end probably made it a little more fun to them than the basic hopscotch sprinkler that we used earlier in the week.

My Sweet Boy!

Watching the Big Kids


Monkey Bars

Little Kids!
 Another great summer day is complete!

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