Friday, June 7, 2013

"Tea Party" Princess Bedroom: Es Big Girl Room

When we moved into our house (8 years ago), one of the bedrooms was painted a VERY bright pink.  We made that room into a guest room, and for the first several years, I only opened the door to vacuum.

Guest Room
When E was ready for her own room, we converted the pink room to her toddler girl room.  You can read about that transition on my blog here: Big Girl Room Transition.

Toddler Room
She was never very good about sleeping in the toddler bed though.  Most of the time she got out of her bed and slept on the floor right by the door.  One time my husband even found her sleeping in a laundry basket by the door.

Yes, she's really sound asleep.
The solution to the floor sleeping was to just add a twin mattress to her floor:

What a messy room!

The mattress worked great, but the girl needed a REAL bed.  So I took some old bunk beds (that had been in the family for years) and painted them white.  It was quite a process, (and took longer than I expected), but it turned out exactly like I wanted.

Sanding dust!

She LOVED helping
Mostly Finished (with the primer)
When the bed was complete, I decided it was finally time to tone down all that pink in her room.

Good-bye Bright Pink (that looks orange in this picture?!?)

Hello Soft Lilac

She was such a great helper

The white bed looked perfect with the new purple walls, but the room was still in desperate need of some accessories.

So my next project was to convert an old TV corner cabinet into a cabinet for her dolls.

So, the BEFORE, again:

And AFTER, with accessories:

I found the princess bucket shelf at a consignment sale!
Photo collage frame will eventually be over her dresser
New Bed in a New Bedroom!

The best news: she's been sleeping IN her "new" bed and room for the past 4 months... and it's still clean (I took this "after" pictures this past weekend)!

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