Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Brentwood Skate Center

On Saturdays, the Brentwood Skate Center has a special Lil Kids Fun Sk8 in the morning (9:30am-11am) for little kids learning to skate.  It's absolutely perfect for families with small children.  They allow strollers on the rink for kids too young to skate, and parents are able to walk around the rink with shoes to help learners.  We've been several times in the past year, but E got new roller blades several months ago and has been begging us to go again.  So we added "roller skating" to our summer bucket list and went this morning.

My view most of the morning:

Husband, E, O, and L
The Little Kids

L.  He's SO fast!

E, She's SO Slow!

O, Walking Around the Rink

Watching the Skaters

Taking a Break

L and I

The Limbo.  L has won every time he's played, but this time, E was a winner too!

E, started with the trainer

L and E's Biggest Fan!

O and I

E, trying without the trainer!

Yay, E!

Yay, L!

The Prize: Flashing Mouth Guard (haha!)

O, loved to drive!

The Tired Daddy! ;)


  1. googling around trying to see if our 3&4 year olds are old enough for lil sk8 saturday. I'm guessing so after reading this! Do they also have skates the kids can rent there? great pics!

  2. Absolutely! My kids all started roller skating at 2 years old. They have their own skates, but rentals (in pretty small sizes) are available too. I just now saw your comment so I hope I wasn't too late. I'm sure your 3 and 4 year old would love it. I keep telling my husband we've got to go again soon and let my youngest (just turned two) try skating too.