Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Spend the Night in a Tent

It took most of the summer, but we finally had a cool enough evening for the kids to spend the night in their tent.  Thankfully, my husband was willing to stay out with the big kids all night and I was able to stay inside with O.  I was a little nervous that the big kids might wake in the night and be afraid, but according to my husband, they slept soundly the entire night.

The tent all set up and waiting for darkness:

Night Time!

L and E were SO excited.  They gathered all their stuffed animals, snuggled into their sleeping bags, and were ready for a night of "camping."

E in her sleeping spot

L in his sleeping spot

O came to kiss them goodnight and pretended like he was going to sleep too.


They woke up in the morning as soon as the sun started shining, but it was a complete success.  My husband had difficulty sleeping, but the kids slept all night in the tent!  Check!

And a few days later, we added: Eat Lunch in a Tent to our Summer Bucket List too!

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