Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Buckey List: Little Preds Hockey School

L just finished his 3rd year at the Little Preds Hockey School.  He has come a long way from the little 4 year old boy that just skated around with a smile on his face.  This year, he had an added level of confidence.  He did all the drills, correctly, and he was not at all intimidated by the other boys (a head or more taller).  In fact, when they scrimmaged on the final night, he was able to score a few times.

He had mentioned earlier that he was ready to give up hockey, but I've got a pretty good feeling (after watching him) that he'll be out on the ice at Hockey School again next summer.  Either way, I am so proud of him and so glad he was able to have a hockey experience.

L's youngest fan:

That's L, bent down skating in the white and O hanging on the rail:

Helmet Hair:

The boy with the big smile is mine:

That's L in the white (standing up), and E hanging on the bar:

L's in the white, in front:

My mom and O:

So Proud of this Kid:

When my labor started with O, (O's Birth Story) I was sitting right about here:

It's Hard to be the Siblings:

Yay! They actually organized the kids by height

That's my boy:

Hockey Mom:

I am so proud of my hockey boy... and look forward to cheering for him on the soccer fields this fall!

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