Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Vacation Bible School

VBS #1:

Both L and E were old enough to attend the first VBS of the year.  L knew a friend in his class, so I knew he'd be comfortable, but I wasn't sure how E would do.  I dropped her off with her class on the first day and gave her my cell phone number to call me if she felt sad.  O and I went to Starbucks and stayed within a few minutes of the church all morning in case she got too nervous. Thankfully, when I picked her up she was all smiles.  In fact, she was up early the next morning picking out her clothes to wear.  For the rest of the week, they were able to ride to and from VBS with a friend and that gave O and I some quality time from 9am-1pm every day.

My Starbucks Date, during the Big Kid's VBS

Happy Girl at VBS

Her Favorite Thing: The Playground!

VBS Stage

L's Class, singing one of their Bible Verses
Each day they had a special theme: Cowboy Day, Wacky Hair Day, Tacky Day, and Pajama Day.

Wacky Hair Day

Tacky Day! 

VBS #2:

L was my only child old enough for VBS #2, so he went by himself to VBS the second week of summer break.  This VBS had a roller coaster theme and after our trip to Holiday World it was perfect for L.

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