Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Blessings (Day 12)

November 12th Blessings:  Same day office visits, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, a husband that works near the hospital, Netflix, and a healthy girl!

When I dropped off E at school on Tuesday, she was a little droopy.  Over the weekend, she had an off and on fever and cough, but I felt like she was getting better and well enough to go to school.  Well, about an hour after I dropped her off, I got a call from her school that she was, "just not acting like herself."  So I decided to go ahead and take her to her doctor.  I called and got an appointment within 20 minutes.  They checked her out and the doctor sent us straight to Vanderbilt for a chest x-ray, for "possible pneumonia."

Waiting for blood results.

My Sweet Girl

Thankfully, I had crayons in my purse

At Vanderbilt, we had to wait a pretty long time, but thankfully daddy was able to come and bring his laptop to watch some Daniel Tiger on Netflix.

When the doctor finally called us back, E's lungs were negative for pneumonia.  She did have a small something, but it was no major concern.  I took her home and let her rest, but she was already feeling much better by evening.

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